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rest therapy

Rest Therapy is, quite simply, assisting the body in achieving 
a natural state of rest. The Hindi word Sulana loosely translates 
to “coaxing someone to sleep.” There are many 
treatments  which bring about welcome shifts in your overall health.

rest thereapy helps...

in aiding digestion

improve sleep patterns

increase energy levels

reduce stress & anxiety

deepen states of relaxation

maintain a more youthful appearance

release tension 

overcome fears 

support emotional breakthroughs

provide clarity of mind


-  Castor Oil Pack


-  Lymphatic Drainage Massage


-  Organ Meditation Release


-  Hot Stone Massage

-  Chi Organ Massage


-  Reflexology


-  Sound Healing 


-  Reiki

various healing techniques 

Do you think a
Rest Therapy Treatment
would benefit you?


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