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Mary Adams, a native of the New York area, is a pioneer practitioner and a longtime advocate of Rest Therapy. She found her calling at the age of sixteen when she helped a friend who was unable to sleep due to debilitating back pain. Mary instinctively knew on which areas of the body to apply pressure for relief so that her friend could sleep peacefully. In the decades following, Mary trained and worked as a massage therapist and healer, developing a unique specialization in Rest Therapy. She founded Sulana Rest in 2010.


Committed to ongoing study of the Healing Arts, Mary is certified in the following modalities:


 Thai & Shiatsu Massage

•​  Ohashiatsu Massage

 Swedish Massage

 Chi Nei Tsang – abdominal and organ massage

  The Trager Approach – body/mind integration

 CranioSacral Therapy l

 Vodder Lymphatic Drainage

 Myofascial Release

 Hot Stone Massage


 Reiki ll

  Sound Healing with singing bowls and tuning forks



All of these modalities have been integrated into her own techniques and protocols that create Sulana Rest Therapies. 
A signature treatment is a chi organ massage and castor oil pack accompanied with a compression massage to enhance
rest and the sound of Tibetan singing bowls to balance energy.

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