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what is rest therapy?

Integrating various healing modalities, Rest Therapist Mary Adams tailors each treatment to
the unique needs of a particular client. She also teaches self-healing tools such as organ chi massage, castor oil pack application, breath calming techniques, and skin brushing.  


The goal of a treatment is for the client to experience not only a release of tension in the body but also a sense of restful alertness. With this experience comes a cellular reminder of the body’s own pathway to rest. Over time, and with tools learned during treatment sessions, the client becomes better able to return to a state of rest with ease and regularity.    




-  Thai & Shiatsu Massage


-  Ohashiatsu Massage


-  Swedish Massage


-  Chi Nei  Tsang


-  Abdominal and Organ Massage


-  The Trager Approach


-  Sound Healing with singing bowls
                                        and tuning forks




-  Body/Mind Integration


-  CranioSacral Therapy


-  Vodder Lymphatic Drainage


-  Myofascial Release


-  Hot Stone Massage


-  Reflexology


-  Reiki

various healing modalities


Why the need for Rest Therapy?


We live in restless times. What’s “normal” these days is being perpetually productive, over stimulated, and highly stressed. As a culture, we seem to have forgotten the value of rest and the importance of making it a priority.


Though rest is a natural behavior, that sense of naturalness wanes when a body goes for long periods without rest. There is a growing need in many of us to be gently guided back to what we inherently know: that frequent cycles of deep rest restore our bodies and rejuvenate our minds. 


When a body experiences deep rest with regularity, it is better able to absorb nutrients, to digest food, to restore organs and tissues, to keep the immune system functioning at an optimal level, and to slow the aging process. When a mind experiences deep rest with regularity, stress and anxiety levels go down, moods lift, sleep improves, and new gateways for creativity and inspiration develop.

Do you think a Rest Therapy Treatment
would benefit you?


Read Mary’s message to new clients

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